Comment plier les vêtements de bébé ?

Nous sommes presque en janvier, mais ce n’est pas encore fini. Ne laissez pas votre enthousiasme du Nouvel An s’émousser. De plus, si vous vous lancez dans le mois sec, il est probable que vous vous sentirez un peu plus énergique (et peut-être même plus de temps pour vous détendre) après avoir remis à plus […]

The First, First Day of School


It’s that time of year; my news feed has been filled with the first day of school photos. The adorable front porch shots of book bag clad children, excited smiles on their faces with the curiosity of what the new year will bring. Each year, I have enjoyed these pictures while at the same time […]

Thoughts on Work, Daycare, and that Pesky “G” Word

Just because you work outside the home, and/or your children are in daycare, doesn

As a full-time, working (outside the home) mom, I’ve certainly felt “The Guilt” here and there (e.g. Monday morning daycare drop-off, when both children cling to my legs, screaming). BUT, I am happy to report that the guilt never lasts long, and I don’t feel it every day. Yes, I feel for my kiddos on […]

9 Things Moms Need to Know About Kindergarten

Looking ahead to when your child starts kindergarten? Here are 9 things moms need to know about making the transition from preschooler to kindergartner mom.

I’ve graduated to the big leagues. I am an official kindergarten mom. And I admit, it’s been a harder adjustment for me than my kiddo. Which is usually the case on this parenting journey. Kids are resilient and mostly go with the flow, with exception to the occasional meltdown. But I’m all over here wondering […]

Bedtime Blues? Try this fix. It worked for me with my 3 preschoolers!

Bedtime Routine for Preschoolers

Looking for a bedtime routine for preschoolers? Here’s our new routine that’s made bedtime so much easier! It’s all in what you say when you leave the room. My husband and I have been fighting bedtime for years. From the time my first was born with colic, we have been sleep deprived. Enter newborn twins […]

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Preschool


By Katie Bugbee Choosing the right preschool can be pretty overwhelming—for adults. Especially if you have no idea where to start. However, a few key factors will narrow down your list in a jiffy: teaching philosophy (academic or play-based), schedule, cost and location. After you have a list of the schools that practice what you […]

Essential Childhood Experience or Unnecessary Money Pit?


Preschool. The word brings a host of images to my mind: tiny, brightly colored chairs, sticky-fingered, children giggling, and cheery, slightly frazzled teachers overseeing afternoon finger-painting. For my husband and I, these happy images are accompanied by feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Will we be able to afford preschool? (In our area, four half-days per […]

When Preschool Happens

When your firstborn goes to preschool there are a lot of mixed emotions

  We are entering a new era in our household this week, our first and only (thus far) baby is going to preschool! While I am super excited for this to happen, it doesn’t come without a certain amount of sadness that my baby is growing up faster than anyone could have prepared me for. […]

The Adventures of a Preschool Parent Co-op

BlogHer07: Over and Out

I don’t know how I didn’t realize O’s school was a parent co-op before I enrolled him. Or maybe somewhere I read that it was, but I didn’t really knew what it meant. What it means is that that parents are heavily involved. Very heavily involved, which honestly, is a very, very awesome thing, but […]

Back to School: Starting Preschool

Starting preschool is hard ... especially for working moms!

This fall, tomorrow to be exact, O will be starting preschool. An institution that is less like a daycare and more like school, school. And with that, there are going to be some new challenges. But I didn’t figure out about these new challenges until I attended the parent’s meeting at my son’s school the […]