Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcements – Happiest Baby

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to share baby news with friends and family, whether this is your first baby or another one of many. Turkey, pumpkins, falling leaves, and pie combined with ultrasound photos, cute bumps, or smiling parents-to-be create an array of seasonal ideas for announcing your pregnancy on Thanksgiving.  Whether you […]

Funny Pregnancy Announcements – Happiest Baby

It’s always fun to announce a pregnancy, but if you’re looking for a creative and giggle-inducing way to share the news, we’ve got all the inspiration you need. Funny pregnancy announcements can involve the dog, the big sibs, or a cute theme for just Mom and Dad.  Maybe you’ll spell out something cheeky on a […]

Rainbow Baby Announcements – Happiest Baby

A rainbow baby on the way (a baby conceived after a loss) is an extra-special pregnancy…so it deserves an extra-special pregnancy announcement—one that does justice to the hope and elation a rainbow baby brings! That’s why we love these thoughtful rainbow baby announcements. Celebrate your joy with a rainbow baby announcement that will leave all […]

Literary Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

Lit-lovers, get excited. While a book-themed baby shower or prominent nursery book display are two fun ways to honor your love of this precious art form, what about paying homage to one of your favorite authors by giving your little boy or girl a literary baby name? Whether you’re into the classics or are more […]

The Happiest Baby Guide to Pregnancy Week by Week

6 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Update Deep inside your womb, your baby hasbegun to move!You won’t be able to feel her kicking and swimming for months…but she may look like a jumping bean during an ultrasound! She now has a distinct head and body and the cute little features of her face are developing, starting with […]

36 Weeks Pregnant | Guide to Being 36 Weeks Pregnant – Happiest Baby

36 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Update Your active little Kung-Fu master is now around 6 pounds, and you’re probably feeling every single ounce of that weight in your pelvis. The layer of lanugo that covers her body is shedding, and she’s also losing some vernix (though don’t be surprised if she’s still covered in plenty of […]

Irish Girl Names and Irish Boy Names for Babies – Happiest Baby

Getting in touch with your Irish roots? Or maybe you just want to impart on your little one a name that has a hint of magic to it? Irish baby names are timeless, often with a melodic quality that rolls right off the tongue.  Whether you’re on a quest for an Irish name for girls […]

Winter Baby Shower Themes – Happiest Baby

Babies are a blessing at any time of year, but if you’re planning a shower in winter there are so many cute and creative ways to celebrate. Sure, it’s not exactly the best time of year for bright flowers or a sunshine-themed baby shower, but you can take inspiration from the season to create a […]

Greek Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

Greek baby names have such beautiful stories to tell, with rich history and mythology built into their lyrical sounds. While you can’t go wrong with a classic Greek baby name, there are a world of options beyond standards like Penelope and Alex. Whether you or your partner is of Greek descent, you have special memories […]

Russian Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

Russian baby names offer a unique combo of consonant sounds, trend toward the dramatic, and sound really cool rolling off the tongue. While the world’s largest country (by land mass, at least!) is bursting with baby name inspiration, we whittled it down to the very best Russian baby names.  We tossed in some old standbys, […]