Chinese Names for Boys & Chinese Names for Girls – Happiest Baby

Whether you’re seeking a baby name that has a rich, hopeful meaning or simply are looking for lovely sounds, Chinese baby names deliver. Our list of sweet Chinese names for boys and girls includes a variety of traditional names, which are often two-parters, as well as some more modern choices. Whichever route you take when […]

Hawaiian Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

Hawaii is an incredible oasis of culture, history, and natural wonders. With lots of nature-inspired meanings, simple pronunciations, and lovely sounds, these Hawaiian baby names are certainly worth considering if you have a special connection to America’s 50th state. If you’re looking for the perfect Hawaiian baby name for your bundle-to-be, consider one of these […]

Korean Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

Korean baby names offer a beautiful collection of sounds and meanings for the modern babe, and baby-naming in Korean culture is full of tradition. Korean names tend to be made up of three syllables, with the first syllable representing the family name and the other two standing for the given name (one syllable of this […]

How to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Husband – Happiest Baby

Sharing your big baby news with the world is fun, but what’s even more exciting is announcing your pregnancy to your husband or partner. While blurting it out minutes after getting a positive pregnancy test is a totally acceptable (and understandable!) option, for those of you who can keep a secret a little bit longer, […]

Southern Girl Names and Southern Boy Names for Babies – Happiest Baby

Whether you hail from the South or just like the feeling of balmy afternoons, the calm of a porch swing, and the kindness of strangers, southern baby names have potential…for families from coast to coast!  Southern names somehow manage to feel traditional and totally contemporary at the same time—which could explain their rise in popularity […]

Announce Your Pregnancy With Your Dog – Happiest Baby

Pregnancy announcements can be funny, simple, or over-the-top; but when you include your furry friend, they’re always extra cute. For many new parents, the family dog truly feels like the firstborn child, so incorporating Fido in the sharing of pregnancy news is essential.  These days, there are so many unique and fun ways to incorporate […]

Brazilian Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

The quest for the perfect baby name is one of those incredibly fun yet sometimes daunting tasks for the parents-to-be. You want to find the right mix of sound, meaning, and maybe even geographic origin to impart a moniker you can be proud to have your child to grow into. Brazilian baby names feature a […]

Mexican Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

From art to food to culture to scenic destinations, Mexico’s given the world so much…so it’s unsurprising that the country is also rich in baby name inspo! The most popular Mexican baby names often have Spanish roots, but there are a few surprises in the top 10 Mexican baby names for boys and girls (including […]

Celebrity Baby Names for Boys and Girls – Happiest Baby

We love a unique baby name, and they’re extra sparkly when they’ve got star-studded status. Celebrities tend to get creative with baby naming, making celebrity baby names a font of offbeat name inspiration. Now, some celebrity baby names, like Pilot Inspektor or X Æ A-12 (yes, that is the given name of Tesla founder Elon […]