Dear formula feeding momma:


Dear formula feeding momma: You get stares when you pull out a bottle at the park for your three-month-old. Well-meaning friends and family believe it their life’s mission to remind you that “breast is best.” The lactation consultant referrals, the magazine advertisements, the billboards. It can all leave you feeling like a bit less of […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Working Mom Edition

Looking for inspiration for your new year

I have mixed feelings about the whole “new year’s resolutions” thing. Is it a natural opportunity to pause and think about what you really want in your life, and then create plans that turn your dreams into reality? Or is it just a pointless exercise in reflecting on what you keep meaning to do but […]

Tech Tidbits: What’s on your phone?

What's on your phone?

When the iPhone first came out and the hype was high, I adamantly stood strong that I would not own one of those phones.  And then came the need in my job to do testing of mobile apps that needed me to use an iPod or iPhone to test on.  Since they were going to cover […]

Daily Life Factors that Contribute to Women’s Stress

Daily Life Factors that Contribute to Women’s Stress

Editor’s note: In this sponsored post, Maid Brigade shares survey results and stress tips in recognition of National Stress Awareness Month in April.  Click infographic to view at full size. More than 78 percent of women feel they work a “second shift” when it comes to their daily life responsibilities, according to findings from the 2013 […]

Tasty Tuesday – Snack Mix!

Classic Chex Mix

I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. Instead, we’ll be visiting family, who will do all the heavy lifting. In lieu of making stuffing and green bean casserole, I’ve volunteered to make pre-dinner munchies, namely snack mix! I’ve set Saturday aside for making tons and tons and tons of snack mix, because I know my […]

Do you know who is on Facebook?

BlogHer07: Over and Out

While Facebook appears harmless and “all the kids are doing it”, children do not understand the concept of people creating fake personas online. They also do not understand the concept of not entering personal information in any form online. Unfortunately, many of their parents aren’t even monitoring what they are doing online at all. I […]

Friday Finds – April 9, 2010

— Which would you rather get for Mother’s Day: a bouquet of tulips or a $1,000 makeover? (I guess either is better than nothing, actually.) Enter Hybrid Mom’s Glam Mother’s Day Makeover contest and you could win a complete outfit by White House | Black Market, a $100 gift certificate to SOMA intimates and jewelry […]

Friday Finds – January 30, 2009

Cara’s Finds —Early riser? Luckily, we’ve never had problems with our children getting up at all hours of the night. However, I know many parents are still struggling with getting their little ones to stay in bed. If that’s your case, check out this innovative night light I found via the GoodyBlog. The Good Nite […]

Appreciating What You’ve Got

BlogHer07: Over and Out

I don’t know if it’s having (paid) time off for the holidays, or my grand strategy to simplify holiday preparation, or just plain holiday gratitude settling in, but I am really feeling appreciative of what I have right now. I’m glad I’m gainfully employed (which I discuss in this new Mommy Track’d Watercooler post). I’m […]