With everything my family has going on, it’s hard to keep track of who’s doing what, where, and when.

That’s why I started making a printable editable monthly calendar, posting it prominently in our “mission control” center in the kitchen. This simple one-page family calendar serves as a central hub where we can all see what’s coming up at a glance.

It’s been so helpful that I wanted to create a version other moms can use to tame their own calendar chaos.

This interactive version allows you to:

  • Type your own events right into the PDF
  • Save and update your printable editable monthly calendar
  • Print and post your customized calendar

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Printable editable monthly calendar: Do’s and don’ts

  • I don’t include every event for each family member on this calendar.
  • I do add items that affect the kids (who don’t yet have their own personal calendars), such as dentist appointments, guitar lessons, special school events, etc.
  • As for my husband and me, I leave out work meetings and our personal appointments that occur during school hours. We have our own calendar apps for those.
  • I do show things like when Dad’s out of town for a work trip or Mom has a coffee with her friends on a Sunday afternoon.
  • I try to update and print the month’s calendar on the 1st day of each month.
  • When major things change (events get added or cancelled) during the month, I occasionally will update the PDF and print a new copy. Or I might just write in and cross out by hand.
  • I purposely left the calendar pretty basic, so you can add any holidays or birthdays that matter to your family.
  • Feel free to have your kids help decorate the calendar with stickers, pictures, etc. if you want.

Crazy family schedule? Tame it with this printable editable monthly calendar. It's like a central hub where everyone can see what's coming up at a glance.