I started Working Moms Against Guilt with some coworker friends back when blogs were new and shiny and fresh (2006). My baby girl was just a few months old. Years flew by, as they do. Along the way, my contributions to the blog ebbed and flowed. Blogs became a well-established thing, with a whole industry built around them. Who would’ve guessed? My first baby grew and grew and grew, as did the second one.

Then over the past couple of years, circa 2018 to 2020, I found myself benignly neglecting poor WMAG for an awfully long spell. I say “benignly” because I still had plenty of passion for the cause of working motherhood with less guilt, more joy. But a lot was happening in my life (Hubs got laid off, I started a new job, our daughter went from private Montessori to public middle school, financial setbacks and mental health challenges abounded …) I didn’t have the bandwidth to pour my energy into this beloved blog. I did manage to keep it alive, though, paying for hosting and doing bare-mins website maintenance. Even if I wasn’t adding new posts, WMAG still provided a lot of women with helpful advice for navigating the working-mom life.

Recently, I’ve felt the stirrings of getting back on the blog train. Maybe it’s that my life has become more manageable lately, opening up the tiniest sliver of mental bandwidth again. Or it’s that I’m entering a new phase of motherhood, with kiddos in the late elementary/middle school years, which feels ripe with blog-worthy source material. Whatever the reason, as I planned to take off from work this week while the kids were on spring break, I pledged a portion of this staycation to rebooting Working Moms Against Guilt.

And then, just as we were getting ready for this spring break week, the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Suddenly, school’s out indefinitely. Everything is cancelled or closed. My company is shifting to remote work. Everyone’s stockpiling food, medicine, toilet paper, you name it, while watching chaos and fear envelop the world.

So yeah. Without a doubt, now is definitely the time to pour new life into this 13-year-old blog. I have so much goodness to share, my friends. I know many of you do, too. We will all be spending a lot more time online in the coming weeks and months, reaching out for virtual connection when IRL contact has become life-threatening. I hope WMAG will once again be a place you and I can turn to for support, information, laughter, resources, and camaraderie.

It’s good to be back. Even if it took the End Times to get me here.