No matter how crazy life gets, don't you just love how a clean, orderly home makes you feel? Here are 7 working mom cleaning tips to make it happen.

Yes, you just read the words, “working mom” and “clean” in the same title.

Let’s set something straight first, my definition of “clean” was redefined with my first kid, and again with my second.

I’ve redefined clean several times over the past few years. Hint: I’m becoming more and more laid back here.

No matter how crazy your working mom life is, you can’t tell me you don’t love how a clean, decluttered home makes you feel.

As a full-time working mom, with a serious side hustle as a freelance writer, two school-aged kids, and one who plays on a travel hockey team—I’d say our days  are pretty full, and I know I feel a sense of calm when the house is in order.

Here’s how I do it.

7 working mom cleaning tips

  1. Redefine clean. Mostly, this means decluttered. Toys are away, I can walk through rooms without cursing the Lego gods.
  2. Do a little every day. Spending just 20 minutes every night will make cleaning feel like a part of your daily routine and less like it’s taking away hours of your precious weekend time. Create a schedule for each chore for every night of the week. The best part about doing this is, is if you do it right you can wrap up all your cleaning during the week so you can enjoy your weekends to the max!
  3. Create a safe space.  If cleaning the whole house isn’t going to happen, just cleaning a small space is enough. This could be my night table, my corner of the couch, or my home office. Block out the rest of the home and focus on your sacred (mostly) clean space.
  4. The “do-before” list. Once the kids were old enough we started a “do-before” list. This means the kids have a list of things to get done before they can watch TV. Watching TV always seems like the end goal, maybe it’s video games for your kids. The “do-before” list, is where the chores go. The kids help with picking up their toys, vacuuming, and dusting. Get one room clean before the TV is even turned on and you’ll be left smiling.
  5. Add it to your babysitter’s responsibility. Do you already have an after school sitter or nanny? Ask them to take on the additional task of cleaning. Be specific in the items you’d like cleaned and how often. You may need to increase the pay rate if they’re already babysitting and you’re adding additional responsibilities—my guess, is it’s well worth it.
  6. Clean as a family. If you can set aside some time on the weekend to crank some tunes, sing, dance, and get the cleaning done, you’ll be done in a quarter of the time.
  7. Hire help. Hiring a housekeeping service to come clean your home every other week, or even every third or fourth week will save you at least an hour or two a week. Price out some options in your area—you might be surprised how affordable it is. Also, ask yourself, how valuable is your time? If spending $80 twice a month buys you four extra hours to enjoy your kids, is it worth it? Are you willing to swap your daily $5 latte habit in return for a clean home?