I feel like I should post something inspiring after such an exciting election. But, instead, my topic today is a little shallow: finding jeans that don’t make my butt look fat.

In my life, finding the perfect jeans can be compared to finding the Holy Grail. It’s been a never-ending, tedious search. Year after year, I buy a cheap pair here or a pair there. But there is always some flaw. A little too tight in the thighs. (I’ll lose 5 pounds!) A little muffin top. (I’ll wear a long shirt!) A flash of the “pencil holder” when I sit. (I’ll stay standing the whole time!) Yep, I’ve made many poor excuses and adjustments for poor fitted jeans. But, now… Never again!

A couple of my friends told me about a store called, Buckle. From first glance of the storefront it wouldn’t seem like the place to house the BEST JEANS EVER. It sells trendy clothes for both young men and women, and seems to be skewed to the 21 and younger crowd. Not your typical “I’m a mom” store. Anyway, I went in.

The sales associate was very friendly and was ready to help me find the right fit of jeans. She went off and pulled at least six different styles for me to try on, along with some shirts she thought I may like. It was actually nice to get such great customer service! Of course, come to find out they work on commission, but I didn’t care. It was a nice change from searching the clearance clothing rack on my own at Target.

Anyway, I fell in love with my soon-to-be pair as soon as I put them on. They’re the BKE “Kate” jeans. From the front they look like slimming, trendy low-rise. But in the back they’re cut a little higher, so my bootie stays in check. The length was too long–but, Buckle will hem them for FREE! They pinned them to my length and had my new jeans ready within few days.

Now, of course these awesome jeans weren’t cheap. They cost $72. A little more than I care to spend, and if you’ve read prior posts of mine you know I’ve been trying to cut down on expenses lately. I guess I didn’t really NEED these jeans. But, I justified spending the money because (1.) I haven’t purchased any new clothes from myself in a really long time–and these jeans will be worn often. (2.) I’m leaving to visit my sister in California (using Skymiles if you must know)–and I have to look good.

So, WMAGs of America, it’s time for a change! Yes we can look good in a pair of blue jeans this fall. You just need to know where to find them. I urge you to go into your local Buckle store and do your part to stimulate the economy. When it comes to the Holy Grail of jeans–it’s worth it!