Susan’s Finds
Do you know what white people like? Besides coffee, being offended, and having black friends? Share your knowledge of white people with the blog Stuff White People Like and you could win big! (And if you think you know black people, play along with Dave Chappelle’s game show and see how you score.)

Listen to the voice of experience. The wise Women of the Web on represent an older generation than many popular blogs and sites for women. Candice Bergen, Whoopi Goldberg, Liz Smith, Lily Tomlin, Lesley Stahl, and many other older pundit/celeb mamas represent. I can dig it. (But why do I have a bad feeling my 61-year-old mom would still say “I don’t get it” when I send her the link???)

You know I’m a fan of Angie’s List, the site where you can get the dirt on your local home improvement professionals (and now, health care professionals). Whether you’re a dues-paying member or not, you can access the site’s helpful monthly magazine online. This month’s issue goes “behind the lens” of home improvement TV (why can’t we stop watching?!), along with tips on painting, gardening, scrapbooking retreats, and more.

Got a great family recipe that involves a Smucker’s product? Submit the secret to your jam-tastic creation, along with a short essay, and you could win a family vacation for 8 to a Walt Disney World Resort.

Serious online shoppers, check out this new toolbar button. Wishpot allows you to keep, organize, and share all your online finds in one place with a one-click button (or more if you want to add details/notes about your find). Neat idea!

Planning a road trip this summer? Probably not, with gas prices now over $4 a gallon. But if you dream about the perfect family road trip, tell Parenting why your fam deserves one and you could win a $15,000 vacation. If you are actually going to hit the road (prize or not), the site also offers some helpful tips and activities.

Whether you’re so pregnant you’re about to pop or just delivered an exhausting bundle of joy, check out BabySpot, a new site where you can share all the baby news with your friends and fam. Start a blog, show off your pics and videos, and chat with other new parents–without your loved ones having to become members to view your stuff.

Sara’s Finds
— While at the doctor’s office with my daughter today, I found this book in the waiting room basket. It’s called “When Mama Comes Home Tonight,” and it details all the fun and loving things a mother will do with her child when she comes home from work in the evening. This is the first book for small children I have seen that actually acknowledges working moms, let alone celebrates them. It’s got beautiful illustrations, and it looks like it would be an ideal bedtime book. I’m impressed! And I’m going to add it to my daughter’s library.