What's on your phone?When the iPhone first came out and the hype was high, I adamantly stood strong that I would not own one of those phones.  And then came the need in my job to do testing of mobile apps that needed me to use an iPod or iPhone to test on.  Since they were going to cover the cost to upgrade my phone to this technology, I decided to just do it and make my work life easier.  Now, I don’t know what I would do without it!

The apps have made so many things in my life easier.  So, I thought I would share a few apps that I use regularly and why I like them.

The music style I like from anywhere? Yes, please! I love being able to just put an artist name or song in and it will automatically play similar styles of music to that non-stop. This is great for work time (with headphones, of course), but it also works great if you are sitting in a park somewhere relaxing.

MotionX-GPS Drive
I downloaded this on a whim when iPhone messed up the map app in upgrades.  I am so glad that I did!  Who needs an expensive GPS system installed in the car? It was $0.99 in the app store with a free trial of voice with it for 30 days.  I upgraded at the $9.99 a year price after using it a few times.  That is a cheap price to pay a year for fabulous GPS!  It is easy to use, tons of features and the GPS has been dead-on each time I have used.

Before Facebook, there were many social blogging platforms out there.  I started using Livejournal 12 years ago and I wouldn’t dream of giving it up.  This place is great for posts longer than 140 characters – and works great if you are into writing a book instead of just a short post.  It’s my escape from the normal social media platforms to keep my personal thoughts somewhere that no one knows me….kind of like my own personal, private diary.  

Walgreens?  Yep!  One AWESOME reason for this one – PRESCRIPTION REFILLS!  OMG!  I am in love with this simple way to get my meds! Open it. Click “Refill by Scan” and it loads your camera with a window to scan the barcode on your bottle then confirm and bingo! It gets sent to the store you have set as your preferred store – and if that store has drive-thru, then you can simply pick it up in the next couple of hours without ever having to go inside!

It’s an electronic treasure hunt! Woot! My daughter and I played with this as a time-filler one afternoon only to discover that it was one of the most fun ways to hang out together! If you haven’t heard of geocaching, you really should visit the site to read up on it.  Basically, people have hidden things all over the place and they enter a clue and a hint to where it is, along with location information.  When you get close to one, the app plays a sound and it’s time to get out and hunt.  Many of them do not supply you with an actual treasure to take home – but rather have a log for you to sign that you found it.  You get the pleasure of checking it off as found and the fun of the hunt.  This one is great to do with kids for low cost.  I went ahead and bought the $9.99 version, but there is a free version available as well.

Liking this may be obvious because the food rocks, but honestly, the reason I love this app is the easy and convenience that they have built in. I love being able to store my family members’ options and easily being able to order it again in the future.  I *really* love the fact that I can order and pay for meals in the app – then simply walk to the register to pick up my food when I get there.  No waiting in line!  Even better that they try to make things healthy and organic, too!

So what is on YOUR phone?  What little gem should we know about that you love or has made your life easier?