Classic Chex Mix

I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. Instead, we’ll be visiting family, who will do all the heavy lifting. In lieu of making stuffing and green bean casserole, I’ve volunteered to make pre-dinner munchies, namely snack mix!

I’ve set Saturday aside for making tons and tons and tons of snack mix, because I know my own family will eat a ton of it before we ever get to our Thanksgiving dinner destination. In preparation, I’ve been looking up my favorite recipes and storing them on Pinterest. I thought I’d share them here, too!

First up is Chex Mix. Classic Chex Mix IS the holidays as far as I’m concerned. I double the Cheerios and make plenty without peanuts. I also use extra worchestershire sauce. Yum! Of course, I start with the basic recipe. Here it is.

Next, I’m going to make ranch-flavored oyster crackers. I’ve had these at other peoples’ houses and have been wanting to try them. They look so easy – just toss the crackers in oil and seasonings, then bake for a bit. Here’s how it’s done.

Finally, something sweet. I thought about making “puppy chow” or whatever that stuff is that combines cereal with chocolate, but it seemed too messy. Instead, I’m going to do crockpot cinnamon almonds. These look so yummy, and I’m sure they will smell heavenly. I’m almost tempted to invite you all over Saturday, just so you can experience how awesome my house will smell!