Cara’s Finds

–Plastic bag rehab. I admit it. It’s time I go… get some reusable grocery bags. Method, maker of nontoxic home-cleaning products, is giving away this stylish bag when you purchase $20 in Method products. Go here to download the form.
–Jungle boogie. If you wanna get a head start on holiday gifts, how about this for a stocking stuffer: the 40th Anniversary Edition of Walt Disney’s Jungle Book. The classic movie has become a favorite in our house. My kids can’t get enough of the songs “I Wan’na Be Just Like You” and “The Bare Neccessities.” They sing and dance to it constantly. Like many Disney classics, this movie is only available for purchase for a limited time. So get it before it’s gone.

Susan’s Finds

What’s it like to work at a Planned Parenthood clinic? As you might imagine, it’s not easy—but boy, it must be immensely rewarding to help so many women in need of affordable, reliable health care. Experience some of the daily struggles these brave folks face by reading I Am Emily X, a blog by a small group of Planned Parenthood workers and activists.

Here’s a fun thing you can do with your kids online: Build Your Wild Self. It’s a new website tool from the New York Zoos and Aquarium that lets you create a human-animal hybrid out of your imagination. It’s like paper dolls with a zoological twist!

I’m hooked on a new reality show that’s so incredibly bad—it’s good. The other night, there was nothing on and I was too beat to do anything. So, I flipped to the new MTV show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. The MySpace queen/Playboy model is looking for “the one” among the men and women on the show (she’s bi). Shenanigans ensue. I felt a twinge of guilt watching two entire hours of it, but I got over it.