I used to be one of those people who pooh-poohed New Year’s resolutions as pointless, something everyone makes and then abandons in like two days. Well, last year, I made a resolution to become fit. My hubs and I were obese and made a serious commitment to lose weight in ’08.

As Dora sings so chirpily, “We did it!” He lost about 40 pounds, I lost about 60. I still would like to lose more, but I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve made in a year. And I now know it is absolutely possible (for us, at least) to stick with and achieve a New Year’s resolution.

That’s why this year, we’re making a new one. While we will keep going on the fit front, that’s not our resolution. Getting fit is just part of our lives now, so we don’t feel like we need to dedicate a resolution to it. We want 2009 to be the year of getting financially fit. We’re throwing ourselves whole-hog into this new endeavor, just like we did with fitness.

Why? Well, it’s kind of obvious–the economy’s in the tank and we want to be on as solid financial footing as possible, for whatever life might throw our way.

Ideally, we could launch a new blog dedicated to our resolution like we did last year. I do believe writing Mr. and Mrs. Get Fit helped us stick with our goal even when we might’ve liked to quietly give up. But there’s just no way I have the time to write yet another blog, no matter how enthusiastic I might be about our new resolution. I mean, a person has limits! I’m no Superwoman. (I just dressed like her in an unfortunate Halloween costume incident back in my grad school days. Another story for another time…)

Anywho … I figured plenty of WMAG readers probably are working on their own financial fitness right now. So you won’t mind if I use this venue to talk about what we’re doing and learning along the way, will you? Great! It’s settled.

Once a week, I pledge to update you on our resolution, be it progress or setbacks, information or tools we discover. We have a ways to go, including paying off good old Aunt Sallie Mae, building up a decent savings cushion and living like frugal people instead of champagne-taste-on-beer-budget people.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2009 for all of us! I’ll keep you posted.