I have a confession to make. My to-do list (or rather, Ta-Da Lists) grows and grows with each passing day, yet I never even make a dent. It’s killing me!

Maybe I’m taking on more than I can handle, from blog stuff (including about 500 reviews I need to write) to personal things (make photo albums of Cassie’s first 2.5 years–that’s not overwhelming or anything). After all, I only have an hour or so of “free time” on weekdays, maybe a few more hours on weekends. And those hours always seem to get sucked up by “have to do’s or else” like, oh, I don’t know, clean clothes and food in the fridge. Oh yeah, and there’s the daily workout to lose 88 pounds and keep it off.

But I’m cursed with both ambition and a strong sense of responsibility. I want to have an organized, beautifully maintained and decorated home. I need to send thank-you notes for Cassie’s birthday gifts. I should make plans for fun time with friends and date nights with Jay. So I keep on adding to my list, trying to get to it when I can and always feeling impossibly behind.

I’m not asking for solutions here (though if you have any, I’d love to hear them). I guess I’m just venting and hoping I’m not the only one who feels like the Sisyphus of To-Do Lists.