Sara’s Friday Finds

Remember when Tela talked about how some of our co-workers have a thing for cat calendars? I thought of that when I heard about lolcats. Lolcats are hard to describe – they’re like calendar cats, only the captions are in gamerspeak. The effect is sort of like if your cat were actually talking to you, and when I first saw these things, I laughed my butt off. I guess the best way to appreciate lolcats is to check them out. So head on over to and start skimming the pages. Does anybody else think these are hilarious, or am I just weird?

Cara’s Friday Finds

Remember Jessie from “Saved by the Bell”… Well, now she has her own “interactive self-empowerment workshop” for girls ages 11 to 18 called

Come on down! If you grew up a fan of “The Price is Right,” then don’t miss Bob Barker’s two farewell primetime specials. Wednesday, May 16 at 8 pm et/pt will be Barker’s final appearance hosting the show. Contestants will have the opportunity to win bigger prizes and the chance to spin the wheel for $1 million dollars! On Thursday, May 17 CBS will run a highlight show with Barker reminiscing about his past 35 years on the game show. Fans of the show can create a :15 goodbye video for Bob that could air during the primetime specials.


Susan’s Friday Finds


Need a family-style helping of inspiration in the kitchen? Check out this San Francisco Chronicle “Mother’s Day Special” article, featuring four moms/food experts with tips and recipes. Good stuff.

Perfection is a fantasy. These “slacker moms” featured in USA Today get real about motherhood. “It’s OK to chill out a little bit and let your kids be independent, and individuals, and revel in who they are.” Right on, mama.

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