Jewelry to drool over. I thought this was an interesting concept: Teething Bling. Jewelry stylish for moms to wear and babies to chew on. The necklaces and bracelets are made from the same material most teething rings are made from. Check out the many designs at

Gold Medal Moms. Aren’t we all? Enter Tyson’s Gold Medal Mom Contest and you and a guest could win a trip to the summer Olympics in Beijing. Just write a short essay about the Gold Medal Mom in your life, plus submit a photo or video, and you could be jetting off to China to cheer on the U.S. of A. The 25 finalists will be revealed May 11, 2008 and voting will begin.

Tela’s Finds

–I’ve got a blog crush and it’s growing. The Bloggess makes me LOL. Like everyday she posts. Srsly. She almost makes me want to move to Texas so I could mommy stalk her in the Houston grocery stores. I hate Texas, though, so no. I’ve never been to Texas, but I know I’d hate it. Maybe I could just visit Texas and stalk her. Something to think about…

Have you seen the trailer for the most anticipated motion picture of the year? Nope, not the new Indiana Jones. It’s better. Check it out. (What’s up with the word “motion picture”? I think it’s time to dump that term. I’m never going to go to a theater to watch a “still picture.”)

For soon-to-be Working Moms Against Guilt, there’s a new edition of My Pregnancy Week by Week. I was addicted to older version while I was pregnant. I liked skipping ahead and scaring myself about what was coming up. And even though I skipped ahead, I got the book approximately four months after I ate my body weight in brie and deli turkey. Oops. Still, it’s a good book.