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–Lots of parents feel like they need a translator to understand their kids. Slang comes and goes, and the last thing we moms want to do is sound like we’re trying too hard to be “hip.” But I still like to know what those young ‘uns are talking about (and since I write novels for young adults, I try to at least be familiar with ever-evolving teen language). So I found this little glossary interesting. From “povo” to “myselfish,” check out the terms to know for 2009.

Cara’s Finds

Unique, handmade baby gifts and items. I love Etsy. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do. It’s a wonderful site where you can find all sorts of handmade gifts, jewelry, clothing, decor, and more. And next Wednesday, January 28 they’re hosting their first Virtual Baby Shower and Trunk Show. Get a sneak peek at what some of Etsy’s hottest sellers have new.

Eliminate clutter without buying more stuff. That was one of my resolutions this year. I want to de-clutter every closet, drawer, and cabinet–all without buying any type of organizational product. I just came across a great idea that will help me with my crusade: reusing cereal boxes as organizers. If you have any other cheapskate organization ideas, I’d love to hear them.