If you are my friend on Facebook, you might not like being my friend on Facebook. Or, at the very least, I might be hidden from your status update stream. Maybe you even reported me to STFU, Parents.

Why? Because a lot of my status updates have to do with my kid. And when I say a lot, I mean most. (I did write that one status update about potholes last week.)

I joined Facebook in late 2006 (gasp!) for work-related purposes, but soon realized it was an awesome tool to keep faraway friends and family up to date on pictures and videos of my boy.

And then I realized by writing status updates and “recording” the little things he says and does, I’m writing down what I would write in a baby book if I ever got my shit act together to do one. A friend of mine took me aside soon after O was born and said “If I have one piece of advice to give, it’s write down all the cute things they say. I thought I’d always remember, but I didn’t. And just the other day my sister asked me ‘What was that cute thing Jess used to say?’, and neither of us could remember.”

What she said stuck with me. So I’m using Facebook to “write” these nuggets of childhood awesomeness. What can I say? I type faster than I write, plus there’s that I can’t read my own handwriting thing. In my defense, I only post updates once or twice a week, and my kid is the most awesome kid in the world who says amazingly funny things. I do share other funny things and talk about potholes from time to time. And I don’t play Farmville. Or Mafia Wars.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one that’s thought of using Facebook as a digital scrapbook (even if it does annoy some people). In fact, my friend Sarah actually cultivated all her status updates and wrote a blog post about it over on Charm City Moms (Shameless friend plugs: Sarah writes only occasionally for Charm City as a guest blogger, if you’re into reality TV, you should really check out Sarah’s primary blog, Reality Check. And if you need a photographer and live in Baltimore, you should check out her photography biz. She’s a great photog.) As for grabbing all the status updates, Sarah cut and pasted hers, but I’m hoping there’s an app for that. Or there will be one soon. An app that imports all your status updates instead of the copying and pasting thang, that is, because that app would get USED people—don’t you think?

Does anyone else use Facebook as a digital scrapbook? Are any of my Facebook friends sick of reading about my kid? If you are, please just hide me, don’t unfriend me—that’s just rude.