Cara’s Friday Finds

– Get your schedules and lists in sync. I just discovered Cozi Central, free software that gives families access to shared calendars, shopping lists, and reminders right from a computer or mobile phone. I love the shopping list feature. If you’re at the store and forgot your list, you can call Cozi Cetral and choose to have it played or texted to your phone. After one day with Cozi—I already love it!

Oh, goody. I’m a fan of Parents magazine. (That’s where I found out about Cozi, and many other past finds.) So I’m looking forward to reading the, the Parents staff’s blog.

Free Chipotle on tax-day. If you can stomach it… buy a Chipotle burrito on April 14 or 15, save your receipt, then go back April 16, attach it to the “BurritoEZ-FWI form” and then you’ll get a free burrito. Whew… that sounds like a lot of work.