For the last couple years, my husband has been thinking about going back to school. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati 12 years ago with an Associate degree in Architectural Design. Since then he’s had a nice career. First working with a custom home builder, and now with an architectural firm. His resume includes a long list of fine experiences and skills, but in order to advance any more in his career, he needs that higher degree.

So, last week he did it. He went back to school.

For now, he’s continuing to work full time while taking classes part time. It’s going to take about four to five years to earn his Bachelor’s. And who knows how much longer to get his Master’s? But, for now, we’re just taking it one quarter at a time.

Of course he’s getting home much later, which is taking some adjustment. A couple nights a week we can eat dinner as a family. But, on other nights I save him a plate because it’s too late. He has little time with the kids before it’s their bedtime, and then he hits the homework. (He must have picked a doozey of a class because I think he’s had more homework in his first week then I did in a whole quarter in college!) It’s going to be a long road, that’s for sure.

Since I work mostly from home, I have the flexibility to do the heavy-lifting when it comes to making sure we have food on the table, getting the kids to practices, etc. However, I have considered the thought of changing my work situation. Maybe I should find a full-time gig so he can work part time while going to school? Who knows, we’ll see what happens.

Another adjustment? The money. His part-time tuition costs more than it did 12 years ago when he was going full time. We paid for his first quarter using a home equity line of credit. However, we need to consider getting a student loan. Taking on more debt makes me nervous, and the crashing economy doesn’t make it any better. If the job market keeps spiraling downward, who knows where we’ll be five years from now? I just hope his higher degree pays off in the end.