When you started back to work after baby, did your job take a back seat? Because a online survey done by ForbesWomen and TheBump.com says that for 59% of women, it sure did. (Check out the second page of that link for the results about working moms.)

Normally I don’t pay too much mind to these studies–there is always a study out there saying one thing or another. But for this survey, a reporter from Canada’s The Globe & Mail reached out for a WMAG opinion–and I offered one up.

Read the article here to see what I said–and what some other mamas said, too. A lot people also had something to say in the comments–but I stopped reading after a few. What is WITH the commenters of online publications? It’s like, troll city up in their comment sections.

Anyway, what do you think? Did you care a little bit–or a lot–less about your job after maternity leave?

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