As O and I walked into daycare today, one of the other little boys (I’ll call him “GN”) looked at O and said “O bite” as he held out his arm.

“GN, O didn’t bite you,” one of the teachers said.

As an aside to me, she said, “Ever since O bit him that one time, GN keeps saying that. It’s funny—because GN is the one with the biting problem.”

“O hasn’t bitten anyone lately, has he?” I asked as I sat my boy down and started preparing his breakfast. “I haven’t gotten any reports.”

“No, no, not in awhile,” the other teacher said. “GN is just upset because he’s not the alpha dog anymore.”

“Oh really?” I said. “Who is?”

Both teachers shot sidelong glances at one another, then looked at O.

O? My little O? The Alpha Dog? He was a good three or four months younger than anyone in the class! A good eight months younger then the GN–the alpha he took down. And O is hardly one of the “big” kids—he’s average in height and weight. Plus—his personality: Everyone always comments (other than the kids in his daycare class, I guess) on what a great disposition O has. What? He’s the alpha dog? Huh?

“Really?” I asked, incredulous.

They both just nodded.

“But he hasn’t bitten anyone, right? Or hit?” I asked


Hmmm. So, the best I can figure is this: When O had a less-than-easy transition to the bigger room, he took it out on his classmates. For about a week, he went on a rampage, biting people and standing his ground. He had the other kids running scared. And although he doesn’t misbehave in that way anymore, he’s established his role. He’s now the alpha dog.


Any other moms have the “alphas” of daycare? Should I worry? I have to confess that I’m a bit worried. I don’t want my son to be a bully, yet I also don’t want my son to be bullied. I also wonder if he wasn’t in daycare if I’d have to worry about this at all. Is daycare forcing him to become someone he normally might not become? Yuck. What a horrible thought.

I’m not sure what to do, because it’s not like he’s misbehaving at the moment. It was all in the past. I suppose now he’s simply sitting on his newly appointed throne giving off the “back off” vibe, which isn’t so bad. I guess?

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