This teacher stay at home mom had a tough decision to make: go back to teaching or continue staying at home with her kids. Find out what she decided.

By Bonnie

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that posted supportive and insightful responses to my first-ever blog post. I really do appreciate everyone’s time, thoughts, and prayers that were said on my behalf to help me make my decision as a teacher stay at home mom.

It has been an interesting few weeks, but I think I have finally decided, I doubt my decision will surprise very many.

Drum roll please….

I have decided to stay at home. I have been through a few ups and downs since I started and though my decision makes me a little sad, it also makes me happy.

Where do I start? First, I had a conversation with my sister who is also a stay-at-home mom. She had a career, but when her son had RSV at nine months and her employer told her she needed to be at work even when her baby was severely sick, she decided she needed to do whatever she could to stay home. I understood her position, but I couldn’t relate. I couldn’t relate until now, that is.

My son wasn’t feeling well over the weekend so I decided to stay home from school and take him to the doctor. He had strep throat, something I hadn’t expected. We stayed home Tuesday, then Tuesday night my daughter had several fevers in a row so I decided to stay home Wednesday, just in case. She was okay Wednesday so I decided to go to school Thursday, that was a mistake.

My sister called at eight to tell me that I needed to make a doctor’s appointment for my daughter because she had a rash. By 8:45, the daycare had called me and told me to come get my son. The rash I had thought was from the strep turned out to be Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. They wanted me to come get him right away. When my sister picked him up, one of the workers let slip that they’d already sent two kids home with HFM this week.

When the my sister and the daycare called me, I felt torn and I was very mad at myself. I knew my kids at school needed me, I was supposed to be working with them on inferences and drawing conclusions today and was in the middle of what I had a lot planned for them. I felt like crying at the same time because I knew that I should have been taking my daughter to the doctor and going to get my son. No matter what I did, I was letting someone down. The thing that hit me hardest, however, was that if I hadn’t been at school no one would have got sick and no one would have had to be picked up in the first place.

So currently, I am working on taking care of my sick babies and sanitizing my house to keep the germs down. The doctor recommended I keep them home for two weeks, this is the amount of time I have left on the maternity leave I have been covering at school. Though I feel bad for ditching out on the school I can’t ditch out on my kids when they need me, they come first in all things. This has been a good lesson and experience for me, despite the sadness over the sick babies.

I truly hope that no one misunderstands me or thinks that I don’t understand that some moms have to work. I know that daycare isn’t bad, I’m actually sad my son won’t get to go back, he was so excited when he got to go this morning. For my family and myself, however, I think it will be best for mommy to focus on what she does best for now and be mommy all the time.

Our guest blogger Bonnie is “just a mom.” She enjoys writing in her spare time and likes to spend as much time with her family as possible. 

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