The BlissDom conference for women bloggers is just one week away, and I’m all a-Twitter with anticipation and excitement.

The conference takes place at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, which looks fabulous. I’m driving and rooming with one of my all-time fave people, Shannan of MommyBits blog fame. We’re basically going to spend three days hanging out with old and new bloggy friends, learning blog stuff, getting some awesome goodies from the conference sponsors, and taking a well-deserved break from the everyday, neverending to-do list of working motherhood.

BlissDom has a pretty special place in my heart, because it was at the very first BlissDom conference back in October 2008 that I decided to have another baby. I happened to meet the delightful Kelly (a.k.a Mrs. CPA) and her then-newborn baby Maddie. We went out to dinner with Kelly and Maddie and I got a chance to hold that sweet little baby … oh Lord, I think my uterus flip-flopped!

I called my hubs the next day and screamed something like “Let’s make another baby as soon as I get home!” (much to his delight). Lo and behold, sweet baby James was born in July 2009 (see photo at left).  I should make him a onesie that says something like “This Baby Was Made Possible by BlissDom.”

If you’re a WMAG reader who happens to be attending BlissDom next weekend, leave a comment so I know to keep an eye out for you. I’d love to meet you in person (or have a little reunion if we’ve met already). If you’re not going, you can follow me on Twitter for plenty of updates (including oohs and ahhs over Harry Connick Jr.’s appearance at the Friday night cocktail party!) and check back here on the blog for a conference recap. Bliss, here I come!

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