Challenges to eat more fiber or walk 10,000 steps a day sound hard. I have neither the energy nor enthusiasm for such challenges right now.

But a challenge to get more sleep? HELL YES, I AM IN.

Like pretty much every mom I know, I am chronically sleep-deprived. Occasionally, I do it to myself. I “choose” to stay up too late catching up on work, housework or maybe a little leisure TV on my DVR — and then pay the price for days.

But mostly, I just have too much to do and not enough time to do it. I don’t get (or ask for) enough help, and therefore have to accomplish everything by myself. While the other members of my household are well-rested and functioning at normal capacity, I am dragging from one item on my to-do list to the next. Never as sharp as I’d like to be. Sometimes just plain dull or forgetful.

I’d love 2010 to be known as “the year of enough sleep” for me. I need to find ways to get help accomplishing the overflow — and simply scrap those commitments that aren’t worth the effort. I need to stop feeling guilty for napping when my sick kid naps after a long night of tossing and turning. I need to make the time to sleep 8+ hours (because I’m unfortunately one of those people who need it), for my own sake and for others who depend on me.

Now I’ll just need to wait to start this challenge until my baby gets over his bronchiolitis and my husband gets back from his business trip. Sooooooo tired …

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