Last week, I had a rare and fun opportunity to chat with Oprah’s favorite doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz (whom I happen to like sooo much better than Dr. Phil). Dr. Oz is just so smart and yet down-to-earth. I appreciate how he dispenses succinct medical advice without any of the guilt some TV docs like to layer on.

So anyway, our chat happened to be via phone, along with a few (not sure how many) other bloggers, and the topic was supposed to be “Toxic Holiday Travel” to promote The Dr. Oz Show episode airing on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

I tweeted some nice little tips I gleaned from the call — some about healthy holidays, a few random others you might find helpful. Here’s a quick roundup in case you didn’t have your eyes glued to Twitter at that particular time (and I’m leaving them in Twitterese, NOT because I’m lazy, but because it captures the spirit of the conversation. OK, it’s because I’m lazy.):

  • Breastfeeding and need extra vitamin D? Sun exposure is best (15 min. daily) plus vitamin D supplements.
  • H1N1 vaccine is safe (for moms and kids). Other flu-fighters: sleep, exercise, vitamin D, maintain healthy weight, reduce sugar.
  • Flying for the holidays? Your coughs are ventilated to your seat neighbors. Aim air vent at your chest to push away “bad air.”
  • Don’t use glasses in hotel bathrooms-they’re not sanitized. Opt 4 plastic cups. TV remotes R germy too, so sanitize B4 U channel-surf.
  • Don’t skimp on sleep during holidays and you’ll reduce extra holiday stress. Also, lay off the booze for a good night’s sleep.
  • Just say no to some of those events and parties so you don’t overschedule during the holidays — exercise your mental resilience.
  • Should you give your kids 1 or 2 shots of #H1N1 vaccine? 1 shot should be enough – just don’t treat symptoms day of shot.
  • Don’t isolate young kids during holiday celebrations — they’re stronger for the general exposure (except for confirmed sickies).
  • Dr. Oz show on Monday will focus on latest breast cancer/mammogram reco’s. He’s been getting 1000’s of calls, emails, etc.
  • No need for expensive vitamin supps for kids – once-daily multivitamins are fine. Add DHA omega-3 for brain development.
  • Must-pack drug for holiday travel: Pepto-Bismol! (incidentally, my former client)

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