Loyal readers may recall my post from last week about how my potty-training kiddo took a big ol’ wee while we were shopping at Pottery Barn Kids (and how we ran out rather than do the right thing and tell someone/clean it up). I wrote a sincere letter of apology to the store, more as a confession than an actual letter that I thought they would read.

I was wrong. They totally read it!!!

How do I know? Well, tonight I received the most gracious response from PBK’s PR person, as well as a lovely comment from the general manager (of the actual store where the peeing took place). If you could’ve seen how red my face got as I saw these two emails … fortunately Hubs was the only witness. He thinks I’m a nut.

Here’s a little excerpt from PR lady Sarah’s email, demonstrating PBK’s very kind attitude toward pee-and-run parents such as myself:

On a daily basis I read a lot of blog posts mentioning Pottery Barn Kids, but today when I read your confession on WMAG it made me giggle. While I am not a parent yet, I can only imagine how you felt, but I want you to know that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed whatsoever, especially in our store! If/when it happens to me, I’ll probably react the exact same way. These things happen and it’s absolutely okay, we totally understand.

How nice is that? And to make me feel even less terrible about the whole incident, the store’s general manager wrote this in the comments section of my post:

Susan, can not stop laughing this is great. My grandson is 2 1/2 and we are doing the potty training thing and he went on the the slide in pre-school. It was his first day and he made a great impression. Not to alarm you even more but I am the General Manager at this store and this happens more than you may think. You and your daughter are more than welcome to come back any time and be my special guest. Apple juice I love it, I will have to use that one the next time my little guy slips up. Wishing you a wonderful fun filled day. Please stop by and visit after all we are a Kids Store. Cheers Debra

Aw, geez. It sure is nice to have a blog sometimes. Suddenly stores are welcoming you and your accident-prone child with open arms. Next time you shop at Pottery Barn Kids, you can rest assured knowing they won’t hate you if your kid does something embarrassing.

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