We love our neighborhood. We really do. Since we built our house seven years ago, we couldn’t be happier with the subdivision. Many of our neighbors have become friends. We “driveway sit” and chat as our kids play.We go out for dinner and sometimes meet for coffee. They’re good people.

But, then there are the other neighbors. The ones that don’t show up at the block party. The ones who don’t wave. The ones who turn their back and pretend they don’t see you when you walk by. What’s with those people?

Yesterday I came home from work to find a piece of paper posted on our front door. While I was away we had a visit from the police. Turns out an other neighbor reported our dog barks too much for her liking. We weren’t the only ones hit. Both my neighbors on either side who also have dogs got a visit too.

I’m pretty upset about it because our dog is not a “frequent and habitual barking dog” as the notice says. Sure, she barks every now and then–like most dogs do! But, when she does we bring her inside. We’re not the type of people who leave our dog unattended in the yard all the time. She’s in the house most of the day, including yesterday when the police stopped by.

As far as our neighbors’ dogs, I wouldn’t call them habitual barkers either. Sometimes all the dogs will get excited and start barking at each other. But I think we’re all pretty quick to quiet them down or bring them inside.

I know exactly who called, and the revengeful side of me wants to hurl a flaming bag of doggie poo at her house. She has a dog herself who occasionally yelps or barks. There have been a couple times when I’ve heard her in the backyard yelling at the poor thing. I don’t know what her problem is? I just know she’s some kinda crazy.

For now, I’ll just ignore her and continue to make sure my dog isn’t barking above the norm. But, if you want total peace and quiet, move to the country. Not a subdivision! What’s next? A notice that my kids are habitual outside screamers?

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