In case you were wondering, hey, why hasn’t WMAG been updated this week — it’s because I’m moving this week. And if you haven’t moved for a while, perhaps you have blocked out the memories of how hard it is to do (kind of like moms do with childbirth).

I thought getting the house READY to sell was hard. (And it was.) But packing up every single belonging, vacating the premises, coordinating all the paperwork and finances for two closings, and moving all our belongings (which are waaaaay more than I thought possible to accumulate in such a small house) — all while caring for two young kids (one who is sick, even) and working? More than I thought I was capable of doing.

Tomorrow is the big move-in day, and I will somehow get through it. My goal is to have our family sleep in our own beds in our new house tomorrow night. (I think my parents would probably appreciate that too, as we have pretty much invaded their house for the last couple of days.) Wish me luck, and please don’t think I’ve abandoned WMAG. I’ll be back as soon as I can dig out my laptop, get the Internet humming and have a moment to update the blogosphere.

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