I picked up O from daycare yesterday and saw an “incident report” on the front desk. I cringed. Usually this meant O had been bitten. The kids in his class are at “that” age, and lots of people like to take a bite outta O. But this incident report was different.

It read:

“O had a problem with biting today. He tried to bite other children approximately four times, but we were able to stop it two of the times times. We think he’s probably teething–he did better yesterday when he was given Tylenol in the morning.”

I was horrified! But it gets worse.

I walked in O’s room to see him sitting at the table, happy as a lark, tossing blocks about. I asked the afternoon teacher about the biting. She said since she had been on duty (a mere three and a half hours) he had tried to bite approximately five (!!!) more times–successfully making contact once. What the?

She went on to say that she too, thought, he was teething. I told her if this were ever to happen again to PLEASE call me, and I’d come and give him some tylenol or ibuprofen (teachers aren’t allowed to adminster medication). I also asked her if they were giving him a firm “No,” and removing him from the situation when he tried to bite (my pediatrician’s recommendation for how to handle biting/slapping). She said that they were, but it didn’t seem to phase O.

“Usually if we reprimand him for everything, he gets upset and corrects his behavior,” his teacher explained. “But not today. He didn’t seem to care.”

What the? What’s going on with my boy? Is he sick of being a chew toy and started fighting back? Was it his way of getting some alone time? Or is he simply teething?

Poor kid has been teething his whole life (got his bottom two at three months with the top two following a mere month later)! He’s gotta mouthful of chompers–almost everyone who sees a him comments on how many teeth he has–so I thought the worst was over. But this biting thing is new. I’m not sure how to handle it. I’m sensitive about overmedicating him, but I don’t want him to bite other children. (I keep thinking back to O’s teacher night. Other parents were talking about the prevelance of biting with this age group, and a few of the moms shuddered, “I don’t want *MY* kid to be come a biter.”)

I hope this phase will be shortlived. Maybe he just had a bad day and some of other kids were getting on his nerves. I can’t say I haven’t toyed with the idea of knocking some co-workers upside the head when they annoy me real bad. In the meantime, does anyone have any advice?

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