It’s a busy week here, which means I haven’t had time to find a recipe for Tasty Tuesday! It also means I have no groceries and no time to cook. I’ll probably pick my daughter up from daycare, grab some take out, and take her to the park for a picnic. I’m going to try and find a way to slip some veggies in there, so I don’t have to feel too guilty. But there’s a distinct chance she’ll be enjoying McDonald’s chicken nuggets for supper. Healthy, right?


Which got me thinking: What sorts of foods do you give your kids when you’re short on time with a nearly bare pantry? I swear by those little Chef Boyardee individual pasta bowls. I also am a big fan of microwaved hot dogs. (What parent isn’t?) I’ve found that broccoli steams up nicely when placed in a covered microwave-safe bowl with a few tablespoons of water, so – again – I can relieve the guilt that comes from serving my child crap. But some nights, honestly, I try not to think about it too much. Overall, my daughter has a pretty healthy diet. A few french fries aren’t going to hurt her.

So share, WMAGs. What do you eat when there’s nothing to eat and no time to cook it even if you had food in the house?

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